Guys it’s a simple blood test!!

If you are driving along and your car starts making a noise or sending out strange emissions you don’t just leave it and hope it goes away, you take it to a garage or call the AA.

If you have a problem with a tyre or the brakes on your car you get it fixed now and don’t wait for their failure to cause a crash before you get everything examined and repaired.

So why don’t men do that with their bodies?

When men get together they love talking about sport and sex but not their health.
And yet, if they ignore the possible symptoms of prostate cancer it could have a massive impact on their sex and sporting lives.

It costs £35 – 45 for an MOT test. It costs approximately £15 for a PSA test. Both can save lives!
But its not just the prostate - men can also be far more pro-active about spotting early warnings of problems with their testicles and bowels.
And mental health, anxiety and depression have become major male issues in the UK in recent years, especially with the shocking statistic that suicide is now the biggest killer of men under the age of 45.

We need help…….

Sadly men were not visiting their GP’s prior to COVID, but now the situation has become worse, and yet prostate cancer is still affecting men.

We believe that it is essential for men to have an annual PSA blood test. That’s why we are inviting you to pledge to MOT Yourself every year. Our NHS have been overworked not only due to Covid, they are just extremely busy and we feel that we should have mobile PSA blood testing vehicles that travel nationwide enabling men to get a PSA blood test with test results within 48 hours.

How can you help? We need donations to make this happen and help us obtain, fit and launch that mobile clinic which will enable us to offer men PSA blood tests.
We will offer a support network with a team of specialist nurses and Consultant Urologists will be available to answer any queries, but WE NEED YOUR HELP !!

How do I help and sign up?

By making a donation, which will be put towards helping to raise the awareness of prostate cancer and funding the mobile PSA blood test unit.
Emailing – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book talks for health seminars, to receive further information about upcoming events. To find out more about MOT Yourself and

The Errol McKellar Foundation.
Call Errol on 07850 317 995 to discuss your experience with prostate cancer. Although Errol cannot provide medical advice, he can put you in touch with specialists.