Colin Jackson, CBE. Three-time world champion athlete and former 110m hurdles world record holder. Founder of Go Dad Run.

"I first met Errol in 2015 when he became an ambassador for my prostate cancer awareness project Go Dad Run and I heard him speak when I interviewed him at our 2016 launch event in London.  He is an incredible man with a truly inspirational story and is a natural speaker who reduced many in the room to tears with the passion, honesty, emotion and humour of his words and I know that a lot of men were tested after they or their partners heard Errol speak that night.

To have saved the lives of more than 40 men through his MOT Yourself initiatve is just astonishing and I have no doubt that many others will be successfully treated in the future as a direct result of hearing one of Errol's talks. Having lost one of my uncles to prostate cancer I know exactly how devastating it can be and wish Errol every success."


Courtney Brown, Founder & CEO, Father2Father.

"I've heard Errol speak on a number of occasions and have been inspired to hear how dynamic, transparent, vulnerable, emotional and passionate he is about what he does and in spreading his message about the dangers of prostate cancer. He has also been a great support and role model to me, especially when I founded Father2Father in 2013, and we have presented him with an award for the incredible work he does for prostate cancer, as one of our patrons and in the wider community."


Victoria Wright, Managing Director of Publicis Life Brands, Publicis Resolute and Real Science.

"Errol Mckellar came to speak to our agencies at our annual kick off day in January 2018, the theme of which was 'Finding your Purpose'. Having Errol there to talk movingly about his prostate cancer, diagnosis, treatment and his journey to today, really brought it home what having a diagnosis of cancer really means and also what a difference we can all make if we want to. Errol's work since, both for Prostate Cancer UK and specifically with his 'get a check, get a cheaper MOT' idea, was more than interesting, it was inspirational. His talk was definitely a high point of the day!"


Michael Brooks, builder and prostate cancer survivor.

"I have known Errol for several years and heard him speak many times. I thank God for sending us such a caring man who has reached out to help so many complete strangers. It is truly amazing and he just never stops spreading awareness of prostate cancer and the need for men to get tested."


Sam Petyan, General Manager Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness.

"Errol is disarmingly honest about his battle with cancer. The way he conveys the real-life emotional rollercoaster of diagnosis, treatment and beyond makes you want to cry and laugh at the same time. Errol spoke at our relaunch event and stole the show. He has a uniquely relatable style that balances his natural confidence and vulnerability."


Gabriella Bossman, Commercial Advisor, Cabinet Office.

"It is undeniable the impact that Errol has had on lives, quite literally. He is a man of great conviction and passion which is often hard to find especially when it comes to advocating the health of men.

His talk to our DCMS, Treasury and Cabinet Office colleagues managed to really hit a nerve with the people present. The reality hit home on the truth that it could be any of our fathers, brothers and friends. The importance of community and communication was stressed which cannot be underestimated.

So many of the audience have come back to say that they have spoken with the men in their lives and that is as a result of hearing from Errol!"


Shaheed Peera, Executive Creative Director Publicis Health.

"The first time I heard Errol speak, as strange as this may sound, felt a bit like being in a boxing ring with Muhammad Ali. He dances around your head. Throws in some quick jokes and in the end from nowhere, you're floored and spell bound. When he leaves the room, you realise that you've been in the presence of a genuine Legend."


Dan Marshall, Forever Business Owner.

"Errol used to run my local garage and I first heard him speak about prostate cancer at a nearby community event. Two words: passion and integrity. I've now heard him speak a number of times and I'm always struck by those qualities, which clearly come from his own experiences of the disease.

He's out to make a difference, and he's already doing that every day. His commitment is the same whether you're speaking to him privately or hearing him speak at public events. He's a man worth listening to."